Teacher Daravan

Our seasoned and experienced teacher has been working with young preschool children for over 30 years. She created a Mom's Group Preschool, which was very much like a co-op model, out of her home for four years for friends and neighbors when her son was young. She worked ten wonderful years at a co-op preschool gaining insight and growth to start her very own school.

She is passionate about teaching and working with preschoolers and cares deeply for families of young children. She is a graduate of Western Washington University and has received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Education.

Teacher Daravan is a passionate lifelong learner. She loves to read, research, and learn about almost everything. Learning about ancestral traditional food, farming, nutrition, and the healing arts are among her passions. She enjoys knitting, cooking, fermenting food, making soap, and supporting her local farmers. She loves taking care of and spending quality time with her family, friends, and neighbors. She loves people, especially little people!