Discipline Practices

Bayside Co-op Preschool is a safe and nurturing place for families to practice positive discipline strategies. We believe that when children "act out" it is a teachable moment to guide, model, and create good behavior habits setting a foundation for a lifetime.

Our school follows these simple rules:

1) Make safe choices

2) Keep hands to ourselves

3) Be aware of personal space

4) Respect self by learning words to express self

5) Respect others by taking turns, using good manners (please and thank you!)

6) Respect property

7) Wash hands before eating

8) Follow routines in the classroom

For children who need more guidance in behavior management, we promote problem-solving skills, redirecting children to another activity, and giving them choices. Some children may need to have a quiet, safe place to process their situation with an adult in a positive way before rejoining the group, and this is done in a loving, respectful and supportive way. We do not practice any punitive discipline, and strive to build an inviting, creative and fun learning environment for our children to grow and learn.