Program Description

At Bayside Co-op Preschool, our families are supported in a rich, warm and loving environment.

Children develop their language, social, emotional, and problem-solving skills in a warm, happy environment that offers art, singing, music, movement, stories, and activities. They will explore early literacy, science, and math while developing social, gross and fine motor skills.

Parents learn how to guide their children's ever-changing and developing brain through positive parenting strategies for a well-nourished mind, body, and spirit that will last a lifetime!

Healthy, nourishing, organic, local food is provided in each class.

Nourishing our children with properly prepared high-quality, nutrient-dense food is critical for brain and physical development. Well-nourished children are happy, focused, alert and ready to learn. Served family-style, children are more likely to try new healthy food when they are offered a variety of lovingly prepared meals in a friendly environment. Our made from scratch meals are inclusive of all the food groups of our ancestors and traditional cultures. We also offer vegetarian options.

Along with experiencing the tastes and pleasures of eating "real" food, mealtimes provide opportunities for social and emotional connections. It unifies and builds relationships. It encourages communication. It provides a space to practice social skills while helping children do better in school and setting them up for success in life. Dining well together sets the foundation for slow, mindful eating in a world that keeps us busy.

BCP admires the model set by the French School Lunch System.

Toddlers and PM Preschoolers are provided a snack that meets the dietary needs of the students.

Please describe any food allergies in your registration.

AM Preschool is provided a healthy, nutrient-dense cold lunch.*

*We are moving towards providing a healthy, nutrient dense, locally-sourced, organic hot lunch for our Preschool Class. In the meantime, our beautiful children will be offered a hearty snack (cold lunch) for their growing bodies.

Play-Based Learning: Best practices in science and holistic methods.

Toddler Class:

Our play-based Toddler Class meets two mornings a week for two hours for children who are ready for group experiences. Children must be two years old by August 31st of that school year and do not have to be potty trained.

NOTE: A guardian is required to be on-site for toddlers 24 months up to 2.5 years old as required by Washington State Law.

AM & PM Preschool Class:

Our play-based 3-5 Preschool Class meets three times per week for three hours each.

Children must be three years old by August 31st of that school year and potty trained.

BCP admires the model set by the Finland Educational System.