Teacher Daravan

Our seasoned and experienced teacher has been working with young preschool children for over 25 years. She created a Mom's Group Preschool, which was very much like a co-op model, out of her home for four years for friends and neighbors when her son was young. She worked ten wonderful years at a co-op preschool gaining insight and growth to start her very own school. 

She is passionate about teaching and working with preschoolers and cares deeply for families of young children. She is a graduate of Western Washington University owning a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Education. 

Teacher Daravan is a passionate life long learner. She loves to read, research, and learn about almost everything. She enjoys making and eating fermented food, knitting, making her own soap and beauty care/ cleaning products, supporting her local farmers, taking time for walks with her husband, having long conversations and a cuppa tea with friends and neighbors, cooking and learning about Ancestral Traditional Food from around the world, and raising a wonderful teenage son.